SQL-like query language for csv


Csvq is a command line tool to operate CSV files. You can read, update, delete CSV records with SQL-like query.

You can also execute multiple operations sequentially in managed transactions by passing a procedure or using the interactive shell. In the multiple operations, you can use variables, cursors, temporary tables, and other features.

Latest Release

Version 1.18.1
Released on Mar 26, 2023


Intended Use

Csvq is intended for one-time queries and routine processing described in source files on the amount of data that can be handled by spreadsheet applications.

It is not suitable for handling very large data since all data is kept on memory when queries are executed. There is no indexing, calculation order optimization, etc., and the execution speed is not fast due to the inclusion of mechanisms for updating data and handling various other features.

However, it can be run with a single executable binary, and you don’t have to worry about troublesome dependencies during installation. You can not only write and run your own queries, but also share source files with co-workers on multiple platforms.

This tool may be useful for those who want to handle data easily and roughly, without having to think about troublesome matters.



Installation - Reference Manual - csvq

Command Usage

Command Usage - Reference Manual - csvq

Reference Manual

Reference Manual - csvq

Execute csvq statements in Go


Example of cooperation with other applications


csvq is released under the MIT License